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About Us

Welcome to the Standever Institute

Students never pay for education at the Standever Institute. The Standever Institute is dedicated to designing, creating, and implementing effective vocational, graduate and post-graduate education programs. These programs assist employers, workers, their families and others who have been negatively impacted by recent events in our economy. Our participants pursue future financial success via a combination of vocational and technical training, practical field service exercises, professional examination and certification.

Our graduates regularly receive the opportunity to attain employment or internship within our network of partner nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and supportive public and private companies.

“Knowledge is a singular ingredient in the life of every person which has such a transformative effect that once exposed it is impossible to suppress.” - Sean C. Standefer

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Dedicated Instructors

Our instructors hold some of the top positions in their fields and our student benefit from their real-world experience.

Library Services

Standever Institute has access to the many of the largest digital research and scholarly libraries on the planet!

Tutoring & Study Groups

All students are assigned or join study groups and receive private tutoring when attempting advanced subject matter.


Standever Institute offers offsite examintation and preparation classes as part of our remote curriculum.

Our Amazing Instructors & Guest Lecturers

Our newest batch of instructors will be joining us for Q1 2021 classes. Please welcome them!

Karrie Billingsley

Subject: Project Planning and Scheduling

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John Martinotti

Subject: Photoshop Post-Production

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Brenda Ditto

Subject: Research and Reporting

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Sean Standefer

Subject: Cybersecurity/Cyberwarfare

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