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Computer Sale! We are selling donated Dell laptops to raise money for Q3-2021 Students.

Our new friends at Guild mortgage have donated 60 laptops facilitated by our Champion, John J. Martinotti. Mr. Martinotti is a well respected, longtime supporter and guest lecturer whose assistance has literally helped make SI what it is today!

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Spring classes are almost full and in stark comparison to Q1 2020 our Q1 2021 enrollment has skyrocketed!

Due in large part to COVID-19 restrictions, regional job losses in the service industry and the need for a massive retraining effort in technical skills, our Q1 2021 enrollment has us bursting at the seems and straining our financial resources.

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Apple (AAPL), Microsoft (MSFT) – Seductive Technology ETF has a lot of tailwind by 2021

It’s the largest sector in the S&P 500 and arguably the most loved, so it’s no surprise that technology is drawing a crowd.

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South Korea has used AI to bring a dead superstar's voice back to the stage, but ethical concerns abound.

For the first time in 25 years, the distinctive vocals of South Korean superstar Kim Kwang-seok will be heard on national television singing new material.

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